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Departments & Majors

Departments & Majors
Lab Prof. in charge Location Tel. Homepage
Center for Mineral Resources Research (CMR) Chil Seob Soh
(Prof. Emeritus)
College of Science Annex 02-3290-4268 homepage
Geophysics Lab. Seong Jae Doh Asan Science Bldg. RM 639 02-3290-3561 homepage
Mineralogy Lab. Seon Gyu Choi Asan Science Bldg. RM 642 02-3290-3562 homepage
Structural Geology Lab. Jin Han Ree Asan Science Bldg. RM 644 02-3290-3563 homepage
Environmental Geochemistry Lab. Yun Seong Taek Hana Science Hall RM 707 02-3290-3564 homepage
Atmosphere Chemistry Lab. Lee Mee Hye Hana Science Hall RM 716 02-3290-3645 homepage
Geological Engineering Lab. Jo Ho Young Hana Science Hall RM 708 02-3290-3560 homepage
Sedimentary Petrology Lab. Choh Suk Joo Asan Science Bldg. RM 641 02-3290-3649 homepage
Environmental Mineralogy and Soil Geochemistry Lab. Lee Young Jae Hana Science Hall RM 709 02-3290-3643 homepage
Environmental Hydrogeology Lab. Lee Soon Jae Hana Science Hall RM 713 02-3290-3565  
Metamorphic Petrology Lab. Kim Hyeong Soo Asan Science Bldg. RM 646 02-3290-3182  
Korea-CO2 Storage Environmental Management Research Center Yun Seong Taek Asan Science Bldg. RM 221 02-3290-4748 homepage